Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shel Silverstein

Book Spine Poetry

  1. Look at titles of books in the library and see what jumps out at you. In your head, arrange and rearrange the title that you think work together well. Use your imagination.
  2. Have a pencil and paper with you to write down titles that stand out — you can refer back to them later, and it’s easier than pulling a whole bunch of books off the shelf.
  3. Once you come up with a poem from the titles you've collected, stack the books so the titles tell your poem from top to bottom.
  4. Tell Mrs. Morley if you make a book spine poem so she can take a picture of it and post it on our library blog.

Here are a few example of book spine poems from books in our library.
This poem tells about when Mrs. Morley was in the library, it was very quiet, no one was there except her.
Suddenly a BOOM of thunder startled her. She didn't know what the sound was at first, then she heard tapping on the roof and realized that it was just a rain storm. 

Do you have dreams? How do you work toward them, little by little?
If you don't give up you can achieve your dreams... someday.