Monday, September 14, 2009

I have had the opportunity to attend Peggy Sharp conferences several times since I have been a media specialist. If you have not heard of Peggy Sharp, here is the first paragraph from her introduction on her website

"Dr. Peggy Sharp is well known for her presentations about new children's books, connecting the books to all areas of the curriculum, and motivating children to read. She is an experienced teacher and library media specialist and has received national awards for her creative teaching ideas."

Go to the "Peggy Sharp" link under online resources to discover things such as reading/book ideas for each month, Peggy's picks (her favorite books) and much more. 

Last week we talked about choices. We reviewed the "Children's Reading Rights" created by Peggy Sharp. This gave us a few things to think about when making choices of what we will read. Students also helped to choose what the knight we are creating for the kiva will look. The younger grades listened to a story where the author made a different choice when writing his book, telling the story from the end to the beginning. It was fun to guess what may have caused events to happen in this story titled "The End" by David LaRochelle.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The winner is... a KNIGHT!

We had a poll last week on our blog to decide what our next project for "castle kiva" should be. The winner is a KNIGHT. This week each class will help in planning a design for our knight. Please save your empty milk jugs or other plastic containers that we can use to fashion the suit of armor for our knight and bring them to the media center for our project.